Not Okay

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There has to be a reason for coming back to the same thoughts every night.

Play into my Soul

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I guess you have no choice but to lie in bed thinking about love and there is no way of
Avoiding it..
Especially when ya heart decides to contact your mind without any prior notice.
And these headphones in my ears couldn’t play music to take my mind of this.
Because all the sounds and vocals, even rap lyrics all bring up a moment in my life that pertain to you.
And these poems I write have no other choice but to be about you.
And my words loving you is all they really wanted to do.
I wish my creativity could reflect another topic or a moment in my life when everything seemed to mean something.
But that probably won’t happen because Love was something that I thought would make me happy, But since it didn’t last, my heart refuses to be left broken. So I will continue to play these soulful tracks until my heart decides it’s ready to love again and I will continue writing these poems until my words finally want to express my feelings for another man.
Play on music because your playing right into my soul, which guided my pen to write my thoughts better than they ever did before…..

Fluid Writing: Chance

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Looking up
wishing on some stars
Wondering if you are waiting up tonight
In deep contemplation with yourself because you also have a lot on your mind, like I do
My dreaming has gone bad and my rest has gotten uncomfortable
And I find that there is nothing else to be about,
only to wish on something that could never physically meet with me
For the reason that everything or anyone I have some connection with
Eventually goes away
And if this star is capable of receiving what my being desires
Then there is no way I want to get too close and tamper with it
because I want there to be at least a
Mustard seed of a chance that
we could possibly be